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Parallel Slide Valve for steam-water system

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Type  Gate Valve
Model  Z964Y
Pressure  PN20-50MPa 1500LB-2500LB
Nominal Diameter  DN 300-500

It is used as opening and closing devices for pumping system or other high and medium pressure pipe systems of 600 to 1,000MW supercritical (ultra-supercritical) unit steam turbine.

1.It adopts pressure self-sealing structure, with welded connection at both ends.
2.It adopts electric bypass valve at inlet and outlet for balancing differential pressure at inlet and outlet.
3.Its closing mechanism adopts parallel dual-flashboard structure. Valve sealing is from medium pressure instead of from wedge mechanical acting force to prevent the valve from suffering hazardous tension during its opening and closing.
4.With cobalt-based rigid alloy build-up welding, the sealing face features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.
5.Undergoing anti-corrosion and nitrogenization treatment, the valve stem surface features good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and reliable stuffing box sealing.
6.It can match with various domestic and imported electric devices to meet DCS control requirements and realize remote and local operations.
7.It shall be fully opened or closed during operation. It shall not be used as a regulating valve.

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