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SY Series Drain Valve

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Nominal Diameter
 3/4 “~4”
Nominal pressure
 ANSI 150LB-4500LB
Body type  Y pattern of 45-degree angle
Body material  A105, F22, F91, F92, F316H
Bonnet  standard, cooling structure
Trim  integral stellate seat
Packing  Flexible graphite with stainless steel wire
Flow characteristics  quick opening
Two kinds of actuators are optional  pneumatic diaphragm actuator (pneumatic multi-spring and single-spring diaphragm actuator are optional as well as top-mounted and side-mounted handwheels) or piston actuator.

1)Y-pattern forged body, little flow resistance, high CV value.

2)Disc with throttle piece, effectively protecting the sealing surface, extend valve life.

3)Disc & seat sealing surface are treated by special processing for anti-cavitation, anti-erosion.

4)Two guide rings in disc ensure stem bear balanced force, flexible movement to avoid jammed phenomenon.

5)High-quality flexible graphite packing GARLOCK imported, good chemical property and flexibility, low friction, long service life.

6)Fast switching speed, generally 3-5 seconds, effectively protect the system security, greatly reduce the time of the sealing surface eroded by the media.

7)Bonnet heatsink, sufficient cooling to protect pneumatic actuators and solenoid valve not affected by the high temperature. Chamber gasket clip wire the high mesh flexible graphite pad, better sealing performance and reliability than the average flexible graphite.

Pneumatic steam drain valves area installed in the steam pipeline of thermal power plants, which can be divided in accordance with the mounting position as:

·Main steam line drain valves

·Hot reheat line drain valves

·Cold reheat line drain valves

·First stage, second stage, third stage, fourth stage, fifth stage and sixth stage extraction steam piping drain valves

 Body         Seat            Disc   Stem   Stuffing Box           Packing
   A105    A105+Stellite   F22+Stellite    410      A105    Flexible Graphite
   F22    F22+Stellite   F22+Stellite    660      F22    Flexible Graphite
   F91    F91+Stellite   F91+Stellite    660       F91    Flexible Graphite
   F92    F92+Stellite   F92+Stellite    660       F92    Flexible Graphite
   F316H   F316H+Stellite   F316H+Stellite   F316H      F316H    Flexible Graphite

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