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MJ Series Spray Water Control Valve

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Nominal Diameter :3/4 “~6”  
Nominal pressure:ANSI 150LB-4500LB  
Body type  straight-through way type, angle type
operation temperature  150℃-450℃
Flow characteristics  equal percentage, linear
Actuator  electric or pneumatic actuator
Leakage  meet ANSI B16. 104 V leakage (VI level seal is available) 

1)Circulatory convection theory, multi-stage pressure reducing structure.

2)Energy efficiency, ensure the best heat rate.

3)Solve application problems with circulatory convection disc mechanism.

4)Long service life, cost saving.

There are different load requirements in many power plants, and thus different steam temperature. Steam temperature control is of great importance for thermal power plant's safety, reliability and efficient operation. Spray water control valve is used to maintain the superheating water flow for the main steam and reheat steam temperature control. They are one of the key components for accurate regulation of steam temperature. Excellent steam temperature control will be able to keep the throttle temperature at the set point and thus ensure the turbine’s efficient operation. Spray water control valve can also be applied to the control of high-pressure fluid in petroleum and chemical industry.

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