A Safe, Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Flow Control Solution Expert


CONVISTA not only provide technical advisory for flow control solution at the first stage, and also does a professional documentary work for whole project.
And for after-service, CONVISTA Field engineering service team can provide timely response to customer needs worldwide: witness and technical support in commissioning &start up stage, maintenance shut down supervision, troubleshooting and repair service, equipment selection, maintenance and operation training.

1.Solutions to be provided

CONVISTA’s ultimate goal is to provide feasible flow control solutions to different industries against different projects’ requirements.

How to achieve?

Step1: Our engineering team will, in the first place, thoroughly analyze the project’ service conditions, technical specifications and the like, thus formulate proper evaluation;

Step2: Our commercial branch will assess the clients’ special &commercial requirements and respond accordingly to the chief sales manager;

Step3: Based on above data, our engineers will select the right type, right material, right function valves & actuators that are up to the projects’ requirements, and also, to client’s advantage, cost saving will also be one of their considerations.

Step4: The commercial team will work out the optimum solution, send Technical Quotation & Commercial Quotation to the clients by E-mails.

2.Quality Assurance& Quality Control

All factories authorized by CONVISTA not only have to hold all major approvals, including ISO9001, API 6D, API 6A, CE/PED, HSE, API 607/API 6Fa Fire Safe certificate,

but also, must have the completed control procedure from the raw materials to finished products. The factory’s Internal Quality Control Personnel &Facility has to be highly-qualified to carry out Radio graphic test, Ultra-sonic test, Dye Penetrate, Magnetic Particles, Positive Material Identifier(PMI),Impact test, Tensile test, Hardness test, Fire Safe Test, Cryogenic test, Vacuum test, Low fugitive emission test, high pressure gas test, High temperature test and Hydro-static test.

3.Research, Development and Innovation

CONVISTA has extensive expertise in valve design, together with integrated CAD/CAM (Solid Works) systems fully exploit the opportunities for innovative and competitive engineering solutions whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant standards.

CONVISTA has been particularly outstanding in developing new designs of larger valves for high pressure and temperature service, Cryogenic valves Corrosion resistant valves and specially-engineered products for specific services.