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Filter Element

  • SYGL type handle shake filter

    SYGL type handle shake filter

    Detail This product used for water supply system and industrial cooling water or boiler water circle, specially under continue operation, if found there is pressure difference feedback from two pressure meter, shake handle many circles, then can exclude pollution when open drain valve, it’s no need dismantle any parts. 1.Working pressure:1.6MPa 2.Medium: water 3.Shell: cast steel 4. Filter screen:304 Size L H 50 240 160 65 270 180 80 300 200 100 350 230 125 3...
  • SRBA (SRB) type filter

    SRBA (SRB) type filter

    Product introduction Basked type filter used in pipeline for oil or anther liquid medium, to exclude sundries internal of pipe, the screen area of this filter is 2.5-3.3 times bigger than flow bore area, it’s far exceed Y type and T type filter’s screen area. Filtration precision is the best one among of filters. The screen construction is more advantage than another filters, and convenience for usage. Operating principle Some sundries will brought ...