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ZAZE Petro-chemical Process Pump-1

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We, in accordance with the design and manufacture standard of API61011th Centrifugal Pump for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Sectors, develop ZA/ZE series petro-chemical process pumps.

Main pump body, according to the form of support, is divided into two structures: OH1 and OH2, and the impeller are of open and closed structures.

Of which, ZA belong to OH1, closed impeller; and ZAO is of OH1, an open one;

ZE is of OH2, with a closed one, and ZE0 is of OH2, with an open.

ZE pump, according to pressure grade, is also divided into three categories: D, Z and G (D is generally not labeled) for operating conditions.

It sees extensive applications in the transportation conditions of high and medium-pressure clean or particulate, corrosive and wearing substances for such industries as oil refining, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, salt chemical engineering, environmental protection, paper pulp and paper-making, sea water desalination, water treatment, and metallurgy, in particular the more demanding transport of high pressure, poisonous, inflammable, explosive, and strong corrosive substances in such sectors as olefin equipment, ionic membrane caustic soda, salt manufacturing, fertilizer, reverse osmosis device, sea water desalination, MVR and environmental protection, etc., showing marked strength.

Flow : Q = 5~2500m3/h             Head : H ≤ 300m






P (MPa)

Operating pressure






Operating temperature



E.g. : ZEO 100-400

ZEO -------- ZE   Pump series code

                    O    Semi-open impeller

100 -------- Outlet diameter: 100 mm

400 -------- Nominal diameter of impeller: 400 mm

1. Rigidity and strength is improved considerably by optimizing the design of shafting. This markedly enhances pump reliability, promising not also a longer service life and lowered operating cost.

2. Bearing body is designed into two structures for cooling by natural and water cooling. In case of medium over 105℃, it recommends being equipped with water cooling system, which lower the temperature of bearing by cooling lubricant oil for a better operating environment;

3. The pump cover is equipped with A cooling cavity, which lower the temperature of machine sealing cavity by cooling the cavity for a longer service life.

4. The pump impeller nut is locked by the introduction of German-patented self-locking washer. Thanks to the washer, the nuts are free of loosening in case of reverse pump rotation or vibration. That means that the pump requires less demanding operation and installation conditions.

5. These large-flow series pumps feature double-housing bodies, which are designed to well balance the radial force generated under non-designed operating conditions. In addition, it seeks a balanced axial force using sealing rings and balance holes.

6. Such forms of Mechanical sealing as integrated, single-terminal or double-terminal, along with matching auxiliary sealing systems may be used according to medium to be transported, so as to make the sealing and cooling credible. Sealing and washing shall be done in accordance with API682. Pump shaft sealing may be customized according to users' particular demands.

7. The shaft is provided with spanner steps, which rule out the slipping in dealing with impellers, for higher work efficiency in installation and dismantling.

8. With the extended diaphragm coupling, the pump requires no dismantling of piping and circuit for overhaul and maintenance of the whole machine.

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