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Through Conduit Gate Valve

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The through conduit gate valve has two floating seats to provide a tight seal with the gate. Full bore through conduit design can eliminate flow turbulence. Pressure drop is no larger than through an equal length of pipe.

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Design Standard: API 6D

Design Configurations: Fire safe design, Low emission control, Safe gate or expanding gate, Double block &bleed, Self cavity relief, Emergency sealant injection

Size Range:2"~48"

Pressure Rating:ANSI 150lb~2500lb

Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Trim Material: Soft seal, Metal seal

Operation:  Gear, Motor, Gas over oil operator

1.Double block and bleed seat design;

2.Operating torque is smaller than normal gate valve;

3.Bidirectional seals, no limitation on the flow direction;

4.When valve is in full open position, seat surfaces are outside flow stream that always in full contact with gate that can protect seat surfaces, and suitable for pigging pipeline;

5.Non-rising stem design can be chosen;

6.Spring loaded packing can be chosen;

7.Low emission packing can be chosen according to ISO 15848 requirements;

8.Stem extended design can be chosen;

9.Normally open type or normally close type with through conduit design;

10.Non through conduit design is also available as per customer request

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