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Plugging valve for hydraulic test

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Type  Plugging Valve
Model  SD61H-P3550, SD61H-P3560, SD61H-P38.560, SD61H-P5550(I)V, SD61H-P55140(I)V, SD61H-P55140(I)V, SD61H-P57.550V, SD61H-P6150V, SD61H-P6160V, SD61H-P6377V, SD61H-P6265V, SD61H-P55.5200V, SD61H-P58270V, SD61H-P61308V
Nominal Diameter  DN 200-1000

It is used as an isolator for hydraulic test on reheater and superheater steam pipes of 25MW to 1,000MW boiler. It can also be used as a section of pipe after installing a guide cylinder. 

  1. It adopts pressure self-sealing structure and two branch pipes adopt welded connection.
  2. The valve seat has stainless steel build-up welding on the sealing surface and the valve disc adopts "O" type seal ring. Without rigid scratch, the sealing surface of the valve seat will not generate leakage and features good sealing performance.
  3. Install the valve disc, "O" type seal ring and other parts during hydraulic test. Take out the valve disc and install the guide cylinder as a pipe after the hydraulic test.
  4. Capable of being used repeatedly, it has economic and convenient advantages.

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