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CH Standard Chemical Process Pump

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CH pump, a horizontal single-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump, is a high-efficiency pump that integrates advantages of a large number of chemical engineering pumps in accordance with the Technical Specifications for Centrifugal Pumps (Class II) GB/T 5656-2008 (equal to ISO5199: 2002). It comprises four models as follows in order to meet the operation requirements:

CH model (closed impeller and mechanical sealing)

CHO model (semi-open impeller and mechanical sealing)

CHA model (closed impeller and auxiliary impeller sealing)

CHOA model (semi-open impeller and auxiliary impeller sealing)

It applies such operating conditions for the clean or particulate, corrosive and wearing deliver in such sectors as coal, salt, and petrochemical engineering and environmental protection, paper making, medicine and food, especial to the poisonous, inflammable, explosive and strong corrosive deliver in such fields as ionic membrane caustic soda, salt making, chemical fertilizer, reverse osmosis apparatus, sea water desalination, MVR device, and environmental supporting equipment.

Flow: Q = 2 ~ 2000m3/h

Head: H ≤ 160m

Operating pressure: P ≤ 2.5MPa

Operating temperature : T < 150℃

E.g.: CH250-200-500

CH ---Pump series code

250 --- Inlet diameter

200 --- Outlet diameter

500 --- Nominal diameter of impeller

Design purpose: high-efficiency, energy conservation, and stead and reliable operation for long service life.

1. High-efficiency and save energy : on the basis of the new spectrum, the hydraulic model is finalized after repeated practice and improvement with the flow field analysis with the software ANSYS CFX. The pump series feature an even performance curve, markedly-reduced net positive suction head, wide high-efficiency.

2. Strengthened structure: Using heavy shafting,the shaft is properly raised in diameter and bearing spacing, with enhanced shaft rigidity and strength, which enables a stead and reliable operation for a long service life; for the bearing, raised bearing capacity and less load, prolongs the service life of bearing.

3. Diversified sealing

According to feature of delivered medium, the shaft sealing comprises: mechanical seal and hydrodynamic seal, the former of which is further divided into regular and particle seals.

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