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Valves for high pressure hydrogenation system

Hydrogenation technology for petroleum is an important process in petroleum products, modified and heavy oil processing. It not only can improve the depth of secondary process for crude oil and the recovery rate of light hydrocarbon, but also increase the quality of fuel oil and reduce the environmental pollution. Therefore, hydro treating, hydro cracking or Residue hydro treating and other hydrogenation system have become the important component of the refining unit. Hydrogenation Unit is in fire risk class A, it’s major technical features are high temperature, high pressure, hydrogen reforming. Hydrogenation high pressure valves are: high technology, strict quality requirements, safety and reliability.

Valves for the high pressure hydrogenation have the following characteristics, in addition to the functions of the common valves:

  1. It eliminate fugitive emissions of the medium to ensure sealing performance of the valve, the connection type of  body and stem are applied to pressure sealed , and bonnet , sealing ring and four-element ring ,etc are calculated totally according to EN 12516-2 to avoid leakage.
  2. The body have a stress analysis under the working stage with ANSYS analysis software, and the corner of the stress zone is conducted a stress analysis of the film to ensure the deformation of the body, in order to avoid internal leakage.
  3. The packing are pure graphite (pure carbon content ≥95%) and overlapping stainless steel braided graphite ring from U.S GARLOCK Company. The density of the pre-formed graphite ring is 1120kg/m3. And the all packing contain corrosion inhibitor. The content of filter ability chloride is<100ppm in which contains adhesives, lubricants and other additives, in order to avoid corrosion of the stem by CI and fugitive emissions of the medium.
  4. The casting process of the pressure parts are on the basis of the casting process of assessment of compliance, which have 100% non-destructive testing. The semi-finished product of the castings is consistent with requirements of high-temperature and high-pressure hydrogenation valves; Machining and assembly are strictly enforced processing and assembly process.


Technical specification
Size 2”~24”
Rating Class 600~Class 2500
Design standard API 600, API 6D, BS 1873, ASME B16.34
Test & inspection API 598, API 6D, ISO 5208, ISO 14313, BS 5146
Body Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Operation Hand wheel, Gear, Motor, Pneumatic

Note: The sizes of serial valve connecting flange can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

Post time: Nov-10-2020